“If you do what you love, youll never work a day in your life.” -Marc Anthony

Many of my friends are college graduates from USC or UCLA. Most of them are attorneys, doctors, or in sales making six figures or more. When I would visit their homes for special events, I’d be asked repeatedly “what do you do?” and “what college did you graduate from?” I would feel out of place, because my experiences didn’t seem to fit this narrative. Not that making six figures is a bad life to have. But, to make a long story short, I chose not to go to college. I knew that if I was going to do something every day for the rest of my life, I wanted to love what I did. The only problem was, I could never decide on what that was.

In school, I loved writing, I loved poetry, I enjoyed reading skits, and encyclopedias – for some strange reason. Sadly, no one ever sat me down and informed me that I could be a writer and actually make a career out of it. When I saw Maya Angelou deliver a poem at the presidential inauguration, I was stunned. Over the years I’ve seen poems turned into short films, books turned into movies, and songs turned into plays. I watched the creativity of the written word turn some people into millionaires.

Here’s why I’m excited about this category: this is the generation that you can actually do what you love, every day, and your income potential is unlimited. All you need to get started is a cell phone and access to social media.

Use this career section of your 2020 journal to set clear career goals for yourself. Whether it’s a new line of work, moving up at your current job, or starting a new business. If you love your job, figure out a way to improve your skills by taking a class or reading books or getting a new certification. If you are considering changing careers, this is the time to put a plan together.

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