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The Goal Setter’s Club Membership Program is officially opened! It's a personal goal achievement course that will help you discover your purpose, create a life plan and reach your potential by focusing on life goals in 12 areas using a simple 7-step process created by Sheréa VéJauan.

After you enroll as a student, you’ll also have access to our private Facebook group. There you can network with Sheréa VéJauan and other like-minded, goal-setting individuals, all sharing the same passion for excellence and growth. Our private VIP FB group will provide additional online support and resources to help you accomplish your goals.

-We’ll help you stay focused all year with
-Weekly Goal Strategy Emails
-Weekly Live Accountability Check-in on our Private Facebook Group Page
-Quarterly Goal Challenges
And so much more...

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Up For A Challenge in 2020

If your goal is large you can make it easier to achieve by creating lots of small habits first. Instead of trying to revamp your entire life at one time to fit a large goal, try changing small things one at a time. We’ve  put together a few challenges this year that we can do together,


Upcoming Goal Challenges

30-day Self-care Challenge with Sheréa VéJauan: May 1st - 30th

5-day Gym & Juice Challenge June 1st-5th

5-day Water Drinking Challenge with Sheréa VéJauan August 3rd

5-day Gym & Juice Challenge September 14-18

Giving Challenge: December 1st - 31st

5-day Gym & Juice Challenge Jan 11-15th 2021

The Goal Setter's Club

Check out these resources to help you achieve your 2020 Goals 


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The live-workshop style goal-focused podcast helps the listener break their big goals into simple routines that are achievable. Each podcast includes tips, relevant resources for support, and a call to action to do the work. Hosted by Sherea VeJauan- author of the 2020 Goals Journal and co-founder of the Goal Setters Club.


Take Your Goal Game to the Next Level by Joining The Goal Setter's Club Membership Program. The Goal Setter’s Club Membership Program is a personal goal achievement space that is designed to take your goal game to the next level by providing courses to help you discover your purpose, create a life plan and reach your potential by focusing on life goals in twelve areas. After registering, you’ll have access to all course material, videos and worksheets. Click below to get more information.


New Year, Same You?

Tired of abandoning the goals you set? Get organized, gain insight, get motivated, and get inspired with Sheréa VéJauan’s 2020 Goals Journal -A One-Year Personal Goal Achievement System Inspiring You to Dream, Plan, and Take Immediate Action Towards Your Goals!

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